How It Works


Bespoke options are available for corporate orders, artist workshops, client gifting, and other orders of the like.

Whether you have one or not, we're excited to be dreaming up something with you for your brand/event! Filling out the form below is the first step to giving us an idea of what you're looking for. Be as detailed as you can! If you're not sure, that's OK too! Once we get your info, we can chat on the phone or stick to email if you like. Or if you're a Sacramento local who wants to chat over some coffee or wine - count us in! We're super social over here!

 Maven Market offers custom-sized boxes with a wide variety of product options and we are able to include your branding as well! Because of the heart we have for handmade, we will be using this opportunity to continue promote our fellow makers. If there are any small biz's that we are not currently featuring and you'd like to use one of their specific products, we will happily reach out to them. (*Please note that not all vendors we reach out to respond or desire to sell items to us at a wholesale cost. In this case we would need to move on and find another beautiful item for your box!)


If you feel like we're a good fit and we've narrowed down your items and sizes, you'll be invoiced and a 50% retainer will be required to get the process started.

We require a 4 item minimum order for each box, at least six boxes to start.

We ask that you give us up to 3-6 weeks to complete your order from the time that your vision is concrete. The nature of handmade is that some of these items take more time than others and we don't want to overwhelm our makers with a rushed order. If we already have items you desire in stock or they easy to get our hands on, then great! 

SO EXCITED, friend.

P.S. 5% of the total goes to City of Refuge in Sacramento!

 Photography by  Jillian Gorman

Photography by Jillian Gorman

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