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I've known Rachel since elementary school, and I think it's so awesome that years later we are both mamas and small business owners. It's even more awesome to carry her products in my boxes. She's done such an amazing job. All of the teething products are made by mamas and are sold in almost 90 stores! Read on to see how Rachel got started and visit her online shop at

    In full disclosure, I can honestly say neither my husband or I had childhood dreams of owning a teething necklace company but we always had a dream of being business owners & had our brand in mind. Having kids does funny things, after our sweet little son was over his colic we entered into the dreaded teething stages. A light bulb went off when struggling to find a necklace that fit my neutral + simple style. I'm a Sagittarius mom and business woman, which probably tells you everything you need to know about me. I really… like really, enjoy the craft of designing and making something beautiful in my home and sending it out to other moms and babies to wear and enjoy!


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Portland Apron Company

I've been a big fan of Erika's work for some time now, and it's no doubt that there is a beautiful soul behind the aprons. She's a bonafide seamstress and a one-woman show, impressively running a successful business from her adorable studio in Portland, OR. I had the privilege of spending some time (time that passed too fast!) in her studio this fall and I hope I didn't fan-girl too much! I asked her to share a little bit with us to quench the curiosity behind Portland Apron Company! Meet the maker:

"I've always loved sewing, and have found it to be one of the most rewarding things I can do. I grew up sewing with my mom for fun, and only after college and multiple jobs did I realize it was something I could do for a living. So here I am, with my small business called Portland Apron Company, sewing everyday and enjoying every moment of it. The process of finding sustainable fabrics that I love is a big part of the fun too. 
Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to build an empire, I intend to stay small. I do not want to take over the world, I just want to make a living, connect with my community and customers, and enjoy life. Outside of sewing I love to garden, travel, and spend time with my husband and close friends, and I always want to make time for those things too."

      You can find her aprons for sale here and follow her daily on Instagram at @portlandaproncompany!

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Freckled Floral

I promise I'm not playing favorites here, but Tara is one of my oldest, dearest friends. My sister-friend. She and I (Jillian) actually started a business together a couple years out of high school  - a vintage rental company called Dearly Beloved. Although we decided it ultimately wasn't for us, our other gifts stemmed and flourished from starting that company and I know I can speak for the both of us when I saw we're truly grateful. 

It was exciting to walk with her during her journey and exploration of floral designing. She's such a success and I know that came from pouring all of her passion into her business and the people she designs for. 

I asked her to write a little somethin' for Maven's blog since her beautiful smudge sticks are in our Dwell Box!

"Nature has always inspired me. The natural design it holds usually has me fascinated from a day to day basis, which is what inspires me to create with floral. Everything from texture and color to shape and movement is what I look for when designing my arrangements, keeping them natural and organic. I love using unique and lush blooms, giving my clients the best each season has to offer.

One of my designs that I especially love are smudge sticks, as their intention is to create calmness. I make them within my home using all natural ingredients that are hand picked from my garden or locally farmed. Amongst other ingredients such as, rosemary, sage, and lavender, there is an essential oil infused piece of cedar within each one, creating an oh so heavenly smell! Burning these beauties will also actually help diminish airborne bacteria making your home healthier too!

My husband Kyle and I reside within the Bay Area, and have been locals here for nearly our entire life. When I am not designing or Kyle isn’t helping me build some crazy installation, we love to be exploring the outdoors, eating really great food, and simply just spending time with those we love."


You can find more of Tara's lovely work here as well as follow along on her Instagram

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